Selling Your Car FAQs

Buying Your Car FAQs

What kind of cars do you buy?
We buy any type of cars as far as they are loved and pampered.
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How do you determine how much my car is worth?
Our purchase agents are well-trained industry professionals who have the knowledge and tools to set the appropriate price by simply asking you the right questions about your car.
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What's the difference between an "up to offer" and a "guaranteed purchase offer"?
An "up to offer" is the maximum X Concepts Automobili is prepared to pay for your vehicle, pending confirmation of the details you provided. After we talk to you, and clear up outstanding questions, we'll have the information we need to provide the "guaranteed purchase offer," that's the AED amount you'll see written on your check.
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What if I owe money on my car?
We settle outstanding loan amounts. All you got to do is to provide us with a liability letter from your lender and we would take care of the rest. If we buy your car for more than you owe, we'll pay you the difference at the time of purchase.
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Can I sell a car on behalf of someone else?
Yes. X Concepts Automobili has simplified the process of selling a car on someone else's behalf. No matter what the situation, rest assured, we have the resources to help you sell any vehicle quickly. Just keep in mind that we'll need all the appropriate documentation and that payment is made to the person named on the vehicle's registration card.
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Can I sell a car owned by my company?
X Concepts Automobili has a lot of experience working with companies of all sizes-we're even prepared to purchase whole fleets of used vehicles. Simply provide us with the appropriate documentation authorizing you to sell the car(s) on your company's behalf and we'll finalize the transaction.
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What documentation do I need to sell my car?
When you sell your car to X Concepts Automobili, you'll need the vehicle registration card,payoff information if any, the driver's license and, of course, your car and keys.
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What kind of cars you sell?
We sell loved and pampered cars.
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Do you accept trade ins?
Yes as far as they are loved and pampered.
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Can I take a bank loan?
Yes. X Concepts Automobili is a registered agent with major UAE banks and we help you secure the best finance offer in town.
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What documents are required to purchase a car?
Driver's license, passport and visa copy and offcourse cash or bank loan purchase order.
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How do I verify the condition of the car?
Every car we sell at X Concepts Automobili is open for inspection. As we say "We are selling trust, the car comes free with it."
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How long does it take to complete the transaction?
For cash purchases, we can complete the transaction in 4 hours. For bank loans it may take upto 4-7 days.
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